Doga College Business Association with Anadolum Construction

Doga College presented one apartment from the Mini Royal Project built by Anadolum Construction as the grand prize of the night, in a drawing held among the teachers at the night specially organized at Swissotel for teachers.

Anadolum Construction will benefit from a 15% deduction by Anadolum Construction, which is exclusive to all members of the "Doğa College" family, as a result of the partnership between Anadolum Construction and Doğa College.

Ensonhaber - Property

Anadolum Construction Inc. We came together with the Chairman Mustafa Yildirim..

Mr. Yildirim can you talk a little about your company ?

As Anadolum Construction, which is among the companies that have pioneered the construction sector in Turkey for years, we aimed to provide the best quality service to our customers. We are proud of reaching our goal with projects that we have produced since 1995 as a company aiming to build more modern areas out of the traditional construction molds.